FREQUENCY : Every morning
DEPARTURE : 07:30-16:30 hrs

Approx CNY 500 (Lunch included)

CHILD : (5-12 years) Approx CNY 365 (Lunch included)

FREQUENCY : Every morning
DEPARTURE : 07:30-16:30 hrs
PRICE (Till Further Notice):

Approx CNY 590 (Lunch included)

CHILD : (5-12 years) Approx CNY 440 (Lunch included)

Ayutthaya used to be a flourishing and prosperous capital in the past. It was the capital for 417 years, and during this long period there arose a great deal of construction, among them were numerous palaces and temples. As more than 30 monarches ruled over Ayutthaya, innumerable events occurred, some of which were historically recorded, while others became exciting legends, still narrated nowadays. The ruined temples and palaces either naturally worn out by time or destroyed by wars, were no doubt the valuable ancient sites, a perfect reflection of golden and legendary glorious past.

Note :River Sun Cruise will provide the trip to Ayutthaya going by boat and returning by bus.

Important !!
- Men must wear trousers and shirt or sleeves. Women are requested "Not to wear" hot pants (very short) and sleeveless (exposed shoulders) blouses. These rules are strictly implemented and must be followed, or else we can not give a tour to the Bang pa-in Palace.
- Bang pa-in Palace will be closed every public holiday (21-22July 2005, 24 October 2005, 10 December 2005, 12 December 2005 and 31 December 2005. Therefore, we will change the program to visit Phrasrisunphet Temple and Vihan Mongkolbopitr instead.

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