: Daily
: 16:00 hrs.

World Class Spectacular

Any Changes, Till The Further Notice

Child below 12
Show only
Approx CNY 500
Approx CNY 500
Show with Buffet Dinner
Approx CNY 560
Approx CNY 560
Join Round Trip Transfer
Approx CNY 125
Approx CNY 125
Private Round Trip Van
Approx CNY 515 / van (Max. 7 persons)


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- Rates are nett per person, inclusive of 7% government tax.
- Children under 90 cm. height are free of charge and will not be provided any seat.
- SIAM NIRAMIT open 16:30 hrs.
- Dinner is served between 18:00 - 22:30 hrs.
- Show Time : 20:00 hrs. (Duration : 1:30 hrs.)
- Theatre gate will be opened 30 minutes before show time. Those who come during showing should wait until the show breaks or requested to seat at themporary assigned seat according to the theatre manager.

Siam Niramit
Siam, the Kingdom whose history, customs and civilization have transcended time, The land of beauty and cultural treasures that have descended down through centuries. Rejoice the glory of ancient Siam and be fascinated by the wonder and grandeur of... Siam Niramit, Siam - the Enchanted Kingdom.

World Class Spectacular Show
Travel back through time into the history and culture of the kingdom of Siam. You will be amazed and captivated by

Journey Back to History : The Ancient Kingdom of Lanna

Journey Beyond Imagination : Blissful Heaven

Journey Through Joyous Festivals : Loy Kratong

Ratchada Grand Theatre

USD 40
Stage width
Proscenium height

Key features of Siam Niramit

Stage size
Ratchada Grand Theatre has one of the biggest stages in the world. Occupying more than half of the entire theatre space.
Width : The panoramic stage is 65 meters wide, with additional 15 meters wings on either side.
Depth : The stage is 40 meters deep, as compared to a depth of 10 - 20 meters in most theatres.
Height : The proscenium, at 12 meters, is as high as a four-storey building! It can be counted as the world's highest proscenium-most others are a mere 6 meters and none are than 10 meters.

Siam Niramit's scenery is truly spectacular, having been designed to make the most of the massive scale of the stage. And while other productions are limited to about 20 set objects which are usually less than 6 meters in height, our production incorporates over 100 set objects, many of which are 12 meters high!

The quantity and scale of the set makers it possible to present extremely elaborate scenes which give a genuine sense of realism to the show, as if the events being depicted are actually happening before your eyes.

Technical effects
Siam Niramit uses a blend of very modern and classic theatre techniques and equipments to immerse the audience in the events unfolding around them.
The 10.2 surround sound system is used to produce perfect sound image. The new system enable the theatre to have up to 12 sound sources as compare to 6 sound sources of the old sources of the old 5.1 surround sound system. Therefore, the audience will hear the sound that comes from where the image on the stage appears which will heighten the realism of the show.

Special effects
Amazing special effects will stun the audiences throughout the show. For example;
- 12 angels float gracefully through the air in the paradise scene.
- Krathongs are floated on an on-stage lake.
- A rain curtain allows artificial rain to fall on stage.
- Rice fields change colour according to the seasons.
- The 7 meters paradise scenery elevated before the audience's very eyes by spiral stage lift.
- Almost instantaneous scene changes ( such as the transition from the Phra That Phanom scenery to Prasat Phanom Rung scenery).

More than 500 elaborately produced costumes are used. Most of costume designs are derived from those seen in historical paintings from each era of Thai history

The cast consists of over 150 well-trained actors and actresses. Their strong performances will help to draw the audiences in and hold their attention throughout the show.

Cultural value
Whilst utilization the most modern technology available today ; Siam Niramit still retains cultural fidelity at its core. The show presents Thai history, arts, cultures and traditions in a way that has never been done before. It will set a new standard for presentation of cultural art for all nations of the world

Thai Village
Area 5,600 S.Q.M. Thai Traditional Lifestyles and activities i.e. cloth wearing, pottery making

Capacity 700 seats, Kind of Food Thai Cuisine
Service Time 6 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.

Souvenir Shops
-Selected handicrafts from all regions of Thailand.

Set right in the heart of Bangkok. Easy access-located close to the underground. ( MAP )


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